Charlie Walker


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I was born in Hessle and have lived in Hessle all my life. I have five children all grown up now, spent most of my life in the Fire Service until I retired and moved to Hessle High School as a PE teacher and second subject Art, I retired two years ago although I still work at Hessle High now and again if required. I am heavily involved in local children's youth and adult football with Hessle Sporting Club, I am Life President and Chairman of Sporting and have been involved with the club over 40 years as coach and many other various roles within the club.

I would like to see more facilities for young people in Hessle and I will work and push hard for the youth of Hessle to improve facilities and outside areas for them, the more going on in Hessle for both young and old for me is essential for health, wellbeing and mentality.